This Year's DC Skate Shoes

DC skate shoes are built for skateboarding as well as snowboarding. The incredible technology that was put into this shoe was included high friction so you can shred the mountain with safety.

This year DC skate shoes have a brand new winter selection to choose from. There are 11 new killer DC skate shoes. Every one you pass will stare at you with envy at these cool old school shoes. With the awesome graphics and the striking bold colors you will feel like you are the ruler of the world while wearing DC skate shoes. Some of the shoes that I like are the GALLENT S SE with its vibrant blue color and the material of choice Super Suede Plus it is a favorite of the variety.

The next type is called the Premier S. This is the second choice on the top four shoes. It is a real skater shoe. With its TPR toe guard and a much needed shock absorbing heel airbag it will make sure you feel safe and free at the same time. MANTECA 3 M S is the next pick out of the four. These are all for color and creativity. With extreme resistance to tear and scratch the soles have an unbelievable grip. These shoes aren't just for looks they have features like elastic tongue holds and their reinforced upper half makes them an awesome DC skate shoe.

Last but not least on the top four is the SMITH 2.0 SSE this show off shoe is the newest series from the pro skater Ryan smith. These shoes have a sort of faded look and come in one solid color. The options are Black or Dark chocolate. Like all the DC skate shoes these shoes have excellent cup sole construction with a foam padded caller and tongue.

A little history behind the DC skate shoe's company:
This cool shoe company grew from a plain old clothes factory to a remarkable action packed athletics company. And business is booming. The founders of this historic place's names are Ken Block and Damon Way. DC has always pushed in the shoe fashion for men, women, and even children. With support by many pro skaters such as Rob Dyrdek, Danny Way, and Colin McKay in the release of " The DC Video" showed the breathtaking talent and featured Danny Way breaking not just one but 2 world records. In 2004 the owners sold the company to Quicksilver for a total of 84 million dollars.

That much money would be about 10 percent of Quicksilver's sales today. Later the company decided to name their very own DC veteran Nick Adcock as their president. What will become of this loved corporation we will never know until then but for now all you skateboard riders this is the shoe that will help you become a better rider, and help you learn easier and faster because DC skate shoes can at least give you the comfort you need to keep on riding.

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