Etnies Golf Shoes Combine Comfort and Performance

 Etnies Golf Shoes Combine Comfort and Performance

Though I'll never be mistaken for Tiger Woods, I still enjoy hitting the links with a few friends every weekend during the spring and summer. We mostly go out to have a good time, and therefore aren't too serious about our scores. We allow lots of mulligans, frequently take beer breaks, and rarely keep accurate scores. But just because I'm not attempting to qualify for the PGA, that doesn't mean I'm totally careless about every aspect of golfing. I actually take my equipment very seriously because the last thing I want is to get some kind of injury. That's one of the reasons I insist on Etnies golf shoes.

Admittedly, there aren't many opportunities to get hurt while out on the course. We're not exactly talking about a contact sport here, right? But your feet are definitely at risk -- especially if you eschew carts like we do and instead choose to walk all 18 holes. I routinely used to wake up the morning after a long round with several blisters on my feet, which wasn't a pretty sight. And walking would be pretty painful for a few days afterwards. But that all changed once I discovered Etnies golf shoes.

Etnies golf shoes provide just the right blend of comfort and support to get me through the front and back nine without any problems at all. When I slip into this footwear, I feel as though I'm walking on air. The Etnies golf shoes I have are lightweight, give me excellent traction on every type of surface I encounter on the course, and fit perfectly. Because they fit so well, I get all the support I need to get through the whole round without feeling any aches or pains. It's wonderful to wake up the next day and not have to deal with any lingering discomfort from my time on the links!

My friends and I take great pride in recommending excellent equipment to each other, so it's no surprise that once I started talking up Etnies golf shoes it didn't take long for the rest of the guys to get their own. Now the entire group wears Etnies golf shoes, which sort of makes us look like a walking endorsement for the company. Usually I don't like to sport clothing with company logos on them because of the free advertising angle, but honestly in this case I don't mind. It's a great product that I don't mind being associated with.

The only complaint I have about my Etnies golf shoes is that they haven't helped me lower my handicap at all. Then again, I doubt that even a month's worth of lessons with the top pros on tour would improve my game very much! Overall, I couldn't ask for a more comfortable, stylish, or durable shoe.
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